too much negative and not enough goodness here so I wanted to write about my great experience with TattooSuppliesDirect.com. They have great prices on tattoo ink, tattoo needles, medical supplies and an awesome machine list - all their supplies are priced well below what i expected and are all brand name.

not "private label" *** that ends up infecting you. I liked their prices. liked their site and that's why I ordered. my order came very fast and I got extra freebies with my order.

It took them a few days to ship my order, neatly packaged- all the ink bottles was good. The needles didn't arrive bent like they did from another company in Florida.

I am definitely going to be a repeat client of them!

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I orderd my ink and never recived it either this place sucks balls do not order from them


I seen these posts on Tuesday 9-2 with hesitation I placed my order on Thursday 9-4 and I just want everyone to know I got my order Today Monday 9-8. TattooSuppliesDirect.com Got me my order in 4 days I am happy.


ya right hector , well your just one of the few that got it on time but i bet your lieing . if you look on here their are people that have been waiting for 3m.

or longer ! ya so thumbs up ya right ok not you will see what comes around goes around !

and people that deal with people that have bad carma always end up having problems you will see as long as you deal with this so called company . so i :grin :grin at you

Lincoln Park, Texas, United States #32042

I got my stuff within a week - TattooSuppliesDirect.com is great! too thumbs up


:grin :) :grin :grin Way to go now TSD.COM is off google and yahoo its about time . wast of a person that takes money from people and does not give them their stuff ... Ha HA HA :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin

Kent Narrows, Maryland, United States #31595

Hummm well good for you . so wow you so just got your stuff when their was someone that just place on aug3 then now its the 30 humm sound like they are really good ya ok and your the dum A*S FOR SHOPPING WITH THEM !!!!!!

well like everyone has said on here you order and then you dont get your stuff so please tell me why would you want to get stuff from them ??? and for all the good article that get on here those will be a joke :grin :(


your the only one in a while so be happy that you got it ... what ever man or women you will see the bad article will always be more because all this company knows how to do is not ship in the 7 days ...

free stuff well be glad you got that to thats a first and wont happen again...

well all people that buy from tattoo supplies direct. com are nuts and you will see that you will have to get your money back so have fun with it and see how this company will f#c% u with not giving your money back and you will have to fight to get it back ...

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