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the same thing is happening to me i order'd ink and other supplys and haven't herd a word from them yet after many complaints 200.00 worth.. and im looking for a way to get my money back if any one knows a way to get it please respond.

haven't herd a word from them yet after many complaints 200.00 worth.............. im looking for a way to get it please respond ..

tattoo supply direct riped me off big time its messed up when you cant trust a member of the tattoo family this 100 word thing is for the birds.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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This site i think has ripped me off too. Was supposed to be a christmas present from my mom to me.

I've only been waiting a week but wanted to track my order and it keeps saying pending. Went to check it last night and they changed the site completely and I can't track it no more. So I called and the @#!%$ number was out of service.

I put in a complaint to the NJ consumer office. So hopefully they can get it resolved.


I have not yet recieved my tattoo needles that i order on the 15th.. what happened to 4-7 day shipping?!


I'm going on 3 weeks without my order delivered. I ordered a kit and found out later of the problems they've had in doing business.

Persistance is the key, they will contact you back if you persist and call their customer service. if you do buy from them, use a credit card and pay via pay pal. keep hard copies of all interactions with them. The law says they have 1 month from the date of the order to deliver or you can file a grievance with them where the credit card company will charge them for the money back.

They've got one week left before I can take this step, I'll be sure to let you all know how it winds up. Just don't cancel your order and hope they give you your money back, credit card companties are experienced at collecting debt, get them involved.

The problem they kept tellign me was the ink that came standard with their kits was on back order for over 3 weeks. Cross your fingers for me.

Upper Saint Clair, Pennsylvania, United States #39613

I have had the same thing and have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau

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