Don't Order from Tattoo Supplies Direct .com

they take your money !!! they don't send your stuff out

at all if they do it takes 3 weeks or more .

Your NUTS if you do this *** of DE LAYED SHIPPING i was told last week on friday . they suck !! i have lost so much money now well its up to you guys but i will never ever buy again from TATTOO SUPPLIES DIRECT AND DONT BE FOOLED you wont get your money back at all i haven't seen mine and its been well over 2 mon. o well i guess as people say *** happens .

well i always say do unto others as you would have others do to you !!!! DONT BUY FROM TATTOO SUPPLIES DIRECT

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ordered some stuff from them back in '09, it took almost 2 months to arrive. yes, they did finally send me what i paid for however...

it was complete junk. seriously, those were the shittiest machines i have ever seen. i would not use those *** things on anyone i threw them away. As for the starbrite ink i ordered...

the ink they sent me was already 2 years old and near its expiration.

even though they did not just flat out steal my money which was what it was looking like they were going to do for awhile...what i did get from them, might as well have taken a couple hundred out of my wallet and wiped my *** with it. *** these guys.


It's been 3 years since they screwed me out of $400. A girl that worked there Melissa kept writing me saing everything was back ordered.

Still have not received my stuff, and still no refund. Are they even a real company?


One word! PAYPAL!!!!!!!

They tried that *** on me and after 2 weeks I put a dispute on the paypal payment and they lost. THEY BLOW


This is exactly what was done to me.Since stealing is against the law why are they still in business?


They screwed me out of over a hundred bucks!!! :(


they got me for 78 dollars :cry


we needed more supplies and a fellow artist said to try tattoo supplies direct. well I ordered a half of a G from them thats 500.00 dollars in tubes and needles and ink.

that was on July 8, 2010. I now have been told this week that my *** is in customs in new york, what the *** over a month.

I will never even think of this place again and i will let it be known on tattoo nation never order from here. i think i have been FU>>>C>>D.

*** off tattoo supplies direct


:( they are THIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got me for fifty!


The number you call is a Portland OR number but the supplies supposedly come from NJ, WTF..... there needs to be a class action law suit filed


WTF, they are doing the same thing to me!!! I ordered at the 1st of August and still nothing and I can't get through on the phone lines...

The better business bureau is for sure getting a call from me also!!! *** THAT PLACE!!!

Huyton, England, United Kingdom #27318

what did mary do to you justin ??? not a drn thing she was doing her job , look at it this way if she did not tell you that she was not sure if you were getting your order or not then you would be still with no stuff ...

why don't you try emailing her or calling her because i know i did stop my order .

and i did order it from her and the service was great .. so i think you better look in to what all is saying it seems to me that they are saying do not buy from this so call dead person and buy from a company that has been here for a long time......!!!!!!!

Southwest Mabou, Nova Scotia, Canada #25872

mary didnt do ***.you guys need to hush and stop yelling at the people that answer the phones.the owner of tattoo supplies direct is the one screwing all of you.it isnt the people shipping the supplies out,it is the owner who wont pay for postage to ship out your packages and wont supply the supplies being shipped to you.so suck it up.

Ismailia, Al Ismailiyah, Egypt #23952

tattoosuppliesdirect is acrewing me to i can contact them but i am disputing it and will definatly report them to the better buisness and make sure they get theirs!!!

dont buy from tattoosuppliesdirect.com

Nottingham, England, United Kingdom #23618

Where do i get them?

Cwmbran, Wales, United Kingdom #23604

These people (mary) did the EXACT same bull *** to me . Don't be fooled.!

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