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Short and simple, SCAM!!! You will not get your order.

after a month or so you might get a cheap portion to keep you quite but the irs is looking, consumer affairs, shame on google for keeping them up. i ordered in jan. nothing, now you cant get a hold of anyone. Spread the word, i spoke to an employee that answered the phone a few months baack and theyu said that they are getting hundrerds of complaintas a day, orders 3 months late, some up to a year.

this isnt occasionally this is everytime. Eric Mullack is the owner

Monetary Loss: $245.

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I can not believe this company! And what's worse, they pay top dollar to Google to pop up as the most reliable source for tattoo supplies, I agree with you, SHAME ON GOOGLE!!!

I'm out 2 hundred dollars thanks to those jokers, and I've got no one to turn to. I've written nasty e-mail made upset phone calls....nothing! That message machine should have given them away, what are they operating out of a garage somewhere???

I am livid with this company and at a loss over where to start with getting them off the internet and shut down so no one else makes the same mistake. That little "google approved" check mark always makes me feel safe - Never again!!!

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