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In early February we ordered a tattoo kit from After 2 months of half-replies and promises, we have yet to receive our order or a refund as promised after the first month.

This business is, in my opinion, nothing more than a well-developed scam or ***. They have no sense of ethical business practice. You'd be advised to avoid any dealings with this "company". Keep your money, because apparently, they will take your money and consider it a "gift".

So, unless you have money to give away, search a different tattoo supply site and get something for your investment.

Monetary Loss: $254.

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Looks like they got me too wish i would have read this sooner. Debit card no hope!!!


I have ordered from this guy a few times. I recieved my previous orders but this last one I didn't.

He was sure eagar to see why I didn't place my order. And now that I have ordered he is reluctant to respond as to why he has not shipped my order. I am not a rich man my tattoo work is my hobby. But that said he has cost me at least four to five hundred dollars worth of tattoo work.

I used the last of my hobby cash to order that equipment and now I'm at a stand still. I am very pissed as well so pre paid legal will be looking Into a suit for losses.

I hope he is happy. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is by far the worst company you could ever deal with. Erik is the owner, his new phone number is 484-732-8563.

The company that he is running his credit cards through is Rock Star Customs, the owners name is Christopher, their number is 856-231-4780. I suggest everyone who has ever been burned by this company call both numbers, and let them know how you feel.

I have a pending investigation through my states bureau of ivestagation internet crimes division. i suggest everyone check their state statutes and go through the proper channels to stop this low life crook from stealing inocent peoples money.


I really hope they aren't still doin dat *** cuz I just drop 162 on dat site :(


I was recommended to Tattoo Supplies Direct by a friend. Think I'm going to punch him in his mouth.

Placed order, paid for it on 9-13-09. Forgot an item so place a second order 5 minutes later. The second order shipped which was a power supply, but the first and much larger order never shipped. Sent many emails and attempted to contact by phone, no response.

Luckily my bank is going to reverse charges even for the order that was shipped.

DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Live and learn will research any online company before buying anything.



Dongguan Lideng Tattoo equipment factory

No.182 Puxin Road1,Puxin Industrial District,shipai town

Dongguan, Guangdong

China 523338

# Tel : 86-0769-8181-8329

# Fax : 86-0769-8181-8262

# Homepage : reep me off don t buy from them

i faund an the internet a site where they sell tattoo equipment and i get intuch with ,,steven,thru an e-mail,then he enterd in my ym list and we talk there,i that he is a serios man that can i work with,he gived me the name of yaotang wang and his acaunt no 479160101880535550 and the swift code BKCHCNBJ44W and told to poot the money to his acount after he l send me the items,i trid to put the $75 but they charge me an extra $60 or so,because off that i talk again to steven to find another way and we deed,western union but he gived another name Yong Yi,i send the money on that name and there he tels me he deednt get the money that the bank in his town does not suport western winion and i cekt on line with western union traking and it sas ,,picked up,,and i fund this site and hope to find justice and i hope ather people find out and dont be scamd as i was paul brasov



If only i had read this sh** before i got fuc*** by tattoo supplies direct. It's been almost a month, no shipment, wont return e-mails, phone mailbox is always full!!!! Is there any way of getting my moneyback?


made 1 order took my money sent half the order never got rest 3 months ago made second order *** i know never received anything going to go after them for credit card scam


We ordered ink, paper, and needles from these low life scammers in August, and received nothing but excuses! We have put in over seven requests for refund and still nothing!

We are filing credit card fraud and theft charges against them! WATCH OUT!


Yet another pissed consumer... I am going on 3 months. I ordered two little items to save a buck... liner needles and green soap. I think these are pretty basic supplies that any legitimate company would have in stock, but I had to call three times to have the needles shipped, only to have a refund promised on the out-of-stock green soap. That was a month ago, and still I have received no refund or replies. Their customer service voicemail box is frequently full, leaving dissatisfied customers unable to even leave a request for assistance. I certainly am not holding my breath waiting for my refund, and I have come to realize that it is certainly not worth saving a few dollars when there are terrific companies like Kaplan and Superior that give you a quick response. I placed an order through Superior 5 minutes before placing the order through Tattoo Supplies Direct, and I received my order from Arizona, ground shipping, a day before it was promised. It took a month to receive a little pack of needles, which arrived in wasteful packaging that was 12"x8"x3". Not only will I never deal with them again, and will tell everybody that I encounter about the experience, but they underestimate the scope of my reach. As management for a Fortune 500 company, I am highly involved in my community, which is not located very far from Swedesboro. They will not only have difficulty with customers within the tattoo industry, but they are going to be finding themselves with a lot of difficulty within their business and legal community. I hope these people had a fun run at it and have their stolen money protected away, because they are going to lose everything. I only hope that when their pathetic company is forced to close (probably to re-open in some other community under another name), at least the customers who have suffered receive what they are owed.

If you have been "screwed" by this company, I can only pray you paid by credit card, not debit card or check. If this is the case, know your rights and contact your credit card company to report this as fraud. If you paid by debit card, call your bank! Some banks do offer fraud protection on debit cards as well.

If you recently placed an order, CONTACT YOUR BANK OR CREDIT CARD COMPANY AND STOP PAYMENT IMMEDIATELY! Don't be another disgruntled customer blogging - protect yourself while you can!

Ismailia, Al Ismailiyah, Egypt #33091

This dude Erik Mullack needs to be held down and tattooed by everyone he has ripped off !!.....I got dibs on the *** by his mouth tat!!!

Sainte-Angele-De-Laval, Quebec, Canada #32841

Erik Mullack of Swedsboro NJ is the owner. His # is 215-888-3111

and 215-400-0769.

My girlfriend worked for him and i saw first hand what goes on. he has nothing.

Ismailia, Al Ismailiyah, Egypt #23987

hey if you read this im trying to get everyone together to fight them for refunds and expose them as a fraud!!

call and make a complaint to the new york bbb to the athorities!!!!

East Wenatchee, Washington, United States #10919

Been screwed by them also through thier "affiliate: program. They have never paid me for my sales, and I have had customer complaints also.

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