Atmore, Alabama
Not resolved

these basstards suck. staight up ripped me off.

any body know the next step to get money or revenge. they are *** esspesially mellissa. yall know what i meen...

i hope these fat assed lieing, 3 pack a day smoking, little annoying dog in the lapp having, not abble to be truly employed, nasty, smelly, ripp off artists, idiots portraing them selves as a multilevel real business, lanolium floor havin, 1972 panelling in shithole trailer havin, yellin across the trailer, my name is earl idioling, no tattoo knowing, $25 tattoo of last man to look at you from 1981 having, buck tooth looking *** ***, needin a dentist so bad but you cant afford it because all the money you made from your ripp offs go to your pal mal cigs lookin *** ***, qvc shoopin *** niggas, i cant wait till karrma burns your butt.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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