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I have ordered from them in the past and have not had problems. I placed an order over 2 weeks ago and have still not seen it.

After 8 phone calls and 2 emails that were not returned I finally got someone to answer the phone last Weds on July 30. They said the order had been shipped the night before and they were rude about it. It is now Aug 4 and still not product, I have left more messages but to no avail. I would strongly recommend not ordering from these people, they are awful.

It is just another fly by night internet scam company.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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Don't ORDER from


they don't answer the phones !

they don't email you !

when you call all you here is some girl saying if you order in july your orders have been shipped out well thats funny when you see some other person on here say she order in aug and its now september , she has nothing . TSD.C is a BIG JOKE SO DONT ORDER !!!!!! its funny how people with money sit back and take take but wont ship out the product or return calls or emails till you want to stop or if you don't complete your order. well if TSD.C is reading this good your a *** that need to learn a lesson and to all the people that you messed over i hope they go after you then you will see what it like to not work because some *** A#S H*L# LIKE YOU TAKES ARE MONEY we work for !!!! but im sure you wouldn't know what's that like to have to really work for your money.. if you have kids wow this would be a great lesson to teach them that taking money from people is good .. PEOPLE DONT ORDER FROM THEM !!!!!!!!

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